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Haas Educational Services

New Jersey
& Eastern Pennsylvania

Building solid foundations for successful futures.
Charles Haas

Educational Consultant

Some Relevant Publications, Presentations, & Posters

Author. Brain Warmers: A Workbook to Help You Think Outside the Box & Improve Your Creativity. April 2016.

Presenter. Algebra Brush-Up Course: Preparing Students for College-Level Mathematics. ACCUPLACER & CLEP 2015 National Conference. The College Board. June 2015.

Author. "Helping Students Finish Strong." Student Success Newsletter. Burlington County College. November 2014.

Co-Editor. Whose History Is It Anyway? (2008), We Cannot Escape History (2009), Phoenix Flies Through History (2010), Through the Flames of Time (2011), Remembering 9/11 (2011), Journey Through the Generations (2012), Through the Eyes of Another (2013), and Rewind (2014). Books of Student Interviews and Essays.

Author. A Review of Comprehensive SAT Preparation Manuals. 2010.

Presenter. Psychometry Challenges. NAP National Conference. 2009.

Author. "Half of All Learning Takes Place Outside the Classroom." The Triangle. October 2003.

Author/Poster. Comparing and Combining the Traditional and Progressive Systems of Education to Best Prepare Students for Future Careers. April 2003.